[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-0-002 Charles Duffy

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-001 Andrew Treacy

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-003 Daly Shee & Duffy

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-004 Dermot G. O’Donovan

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-007 All Seasons Flowers Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-009 Leinster Cricket Club

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-010 Irish Permanent Plc

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-013 Goodbodys

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-015 Premier Periclase Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-016 Mr. Con McCullagh, Con’s Public House

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-021 Hickey & Company Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-022 Perenfield Construction Limited – Aranas

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-023 Jeremiah Hurley

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-028 & 029 Irish Cement Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-031 Kerlin Gallery

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-034 Ballyhaunis & District Credit Union Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-036 The Waldorf Education Trust Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-038 G.R.E.

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-039 Dublin Legal Agency

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-040 United Cinemas International

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-043 Autozero Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-044 Dan Morrissey Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-046 Power Supermarkets Limited ta Quinnsworth

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-048 W.B. Peat & Company Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-052 Jobst (Ireland) Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-054 Governor & Company of the Bank of Ireland

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-055 Governor & Company of the Bank of Ireland

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-060 The Barge

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-061 to 063 Greythorn Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-064 Glen Holdings Ltd.

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-065 A.I.B. Bank, Limerick

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-066 Wexford Farmers Co-Op Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-069 Ashford Gravel Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-071 Institute of European Affairs

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-072 Dublin Writers Museum

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-074 Wincroft Holdings Limited t/a Castle Night Club

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-076 Philip Mahon & Patrick Lenaghan t/a The Sarah Curran

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-078 Fitzgerald Group t/a The Poitin Stil

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-079 Showelwater Limited ta The Pod

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-081 V. & T. Printing

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-2-084 to 094 Roscrea Shopping Centre

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-002 Clontarf Castle Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-003 Shannon Resources Limited (Formerly Balimar Limited)

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-004 Toriview Limited t/a Dunne Ryan & Company

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-008 Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Sharp

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-010 Kerry Foods

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-015 Killybegs Hotel Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-016 Hugh Boyle, Boyle Entertainment Limited t/a The Seaview Hotel

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-022 Tony Weir t/a The Step Inn

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-023 & 024 Aer Lingus

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-027 Ulster Bank Ltd.

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-028 Tipperary Oils Ltd.

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-029 Avonmore Creameries Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-033 Ancient Order of Foresters Club

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-036 Lee (Ireland) Ltd

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-037 Norish (Castleblayney) Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-038 New Era Packaging Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-039 Noel Mahon

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-040 John Walsh

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-041 John Levin t/a John’s Foodmarket

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-044 & 045 Vincent Kennedy

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-051 Monery By Products Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-057 Donaghmore Agricultural Museum

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-059 & 060 & 061 Tuthills Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-062 &063 & 064 & 065 Jim Brady

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-068 Beaumont Hospital Board

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-071 to 96-3-081 Padraig Scanlon

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-082 Ulster Bank, Stephen Street, Sligo

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-083 A.I.B. Bank, O’Connell Street, Sligo

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-084 Comer International Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-085 Ulster Bank, Ballymote

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-091 John Gillespie

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-093 Barbara Jones t/a Crystal Mystique

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-3-095 Gordan Farrell t/a Thompson Brothers

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-002 E.S.B., Bandon

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-003 Galtee Tendermade Food Products

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-005 Irish Continental Group Plc

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-006 Boherbue Co-Op

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-007 Bord Gais Eireann

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-008 Glanmire Industries Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-010 Kayfoam Woolfson & Sons

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-012 R & H Hall

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-016 & 017 93-4-015 & 016 East Link Ltd.

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-018 Moyglare Holdings Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-021 Michael Hurley

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-023 Marina Joinery Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-027 Allied Irish Bank, Ballincollig

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-034 McCormick MacNaughton

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-035 Ray Murray Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-036 Power Supermarkets Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-039 University College Cork

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-040 Motorolla (Ireland) Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-041 D.D. Williamson

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-4-042 I.W.T. Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-003 Ulster Bank Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-005 Cerebral Palsy Ireland

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-006 Wynns Hotel Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-008 John Pettitt Wexford Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-012 Superquinn Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-013 Ulster Bank Limited

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-014 Power Supermarkets Ltd. t/a Quinnsworth

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-015 First Church of Christ, Scientist

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-016 James McHugh, Arcade Taverns Limited t/a Newtown Pery

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-017 Patrick Lambert

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-5-019 Dolman Estates

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-6-002 O’Brien & Binchy, Solicitors

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-6-003 Mulcahys (Clonmel) Ltd.

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-6-006 Irish Shell Ltd.

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-6-007 Bank of Ireland (Clonmel)

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-6-008 Showerings (Ireland) Ltd.

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-6-012 Telecom Eireann

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-6-013 Thomas & Suzanne Moran

[icon type=”icon-acrobat”] 96-6-016 to 018 Ulster Bank Limited Allied Irish Bank Trustees Savings Bank[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]