Vacant Sites

The owner of a Vacant Site can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal against the determination of the market value of that site made by the local authority.

  • In accordance with section 13(1) of the The Urban Regeneration and Housing Act, 2015, an owner of urban land can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal against a determination of the market value of a site as determined by a Local Authority under the Act.
  • The Tribunal has the power to deal only with the determination of market value under this Act for the purposes of calculating the vacant sites levy imposed by the local authority.
  • It is not empowered to deal with any other issues arising between the parties.
  • The question of whether the requirements of the Act in relation to the entry of sites on the Vacant Sites Register have been complied with is not a matter for determination by the Tribunal.
  • The Tribunal is not empowered to adjudicate between a property owner and a local authority as to whether a particular site is vacant.  That is a matter for the property owner and the local authority to resolve together and the Tribunal has no role in it.

For further information regarding making appeals to the Tribunal in relation to Vacant Sites, click here