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May 4, 2022

VA17.5.1271 Padraig Mulligan VA17.5.1272

Padraig Mulligan
May 4, 2022

VA19.5.0953 Noirin Kinsella

Noirin Kinsella 
May 4, 2022

VA19.5.1015 Deirdre O Leary

Deirdre O Leary 1015
May 4, 2022

VA19.5.0409 Traynor

Traynor 0409 Francis and Margaret Rose Traynor 
May 4, 2022

VA17.5.246 Walsh Bros Ltd

Walsh Bros Ltd Kilkenny
May 4, 2022

VA19.5.0897 Zebra Properties

Zebra Properties 
May 4, 2022

VA20.4.0080 Colliers International

Colliers International Offices Baggot Street 
May 4, 2022

VA20.4.0086 Takeda Pharmaceutical

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd 0086
May 4, 2022

VA19.5.1470 Shaws

May 4, 2022

VA18.1.0033 Lismullen Educational Foundation

Lismullen 0033