Members Remuneration

Members are paid in accordance with the Schedule of Fees sanctioned by the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage in December 2020 for hearing appeals, attending divisional meetings, for writing and reviewing of judgments, together with an allowance for travel and subsistence.



Chairperson Deputy Chairperson  Ordinary Member 
Senior Counsel  Junior Counsel 
Daily fee[1] €925.00 €875.00 €730.00 €650.00
Appeal withdrawn[2] €462.50 €437.50 €365.00 €325.00
Appeal settled[3] €520.00 €462.50 €424.00 €340.00
Single session[4] €462.50 €437.50 €365.00 €325.00



Preparation of written judgement Fee
Draft complex legal and quantum judgment[5) €1,500
Draft standard quantum judgment[6] €510
Review of draft judgment €175



[1] The daily fee is based on the Tribunal sitting for two sessions per day

[2] A withdrawn appeal is an appeal that was listed for hearing and a division assigned to hear the appeal.

[3] Where the appeal has been listed, a division has been assigned, and has been furnished with the appeal papers.

[4] Where a division has been assigned to hear 2 appeals in a day, and one appeal is settled, the single session fee is applied to the remaining sitting.

[5] As determined by the Chairperson