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Please note that that the Judgments archive is currently under construction. While we are endeavouring to upload all of the judgments as quickly as possible, due to the volume of judgments over the past 25 years, it will take a number of weeks before all Judgments have been uploaded. At present all judgments from 1994 to 2013 have been uploaded. If you require a judgment from an earlier date , please contact info@valuationtribunal.ie.


Searches can be conducting in the following manner:

Category: This limits the search to buildings of a certain type, ie Office or Garage. 

Title: This is the Valuation Tribunal Appeal reference, ie 08-1-003. Please note that the VA/ has been removed for coding reasons. Therefore VA08/1/003 should be searched as 08-1-003.

The same search can be refined by searching by category, followed by selecting this filter, ie, Category: Shop- Retail Unit, then search Title or Appeal Number: 11-3. Note: even a partical appeal number can be used.

Also under Title, a name search can be conducted, ie Aldi Stores (Ireland) Limited.

Year or County: This search can limit the results by year, ie 2011 or by county, ie Wicklow.

The same search can be refined by searching by category followed by seleceting this filter, ie, Category: Offices, then search Year or County: South County Dublin. 

Please note that each county is simply called by its name, ie Longford = Longford. However, there are a number of noteable exceptions which are divided as follows:

Dublin: Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, South County Dublin, Fingal, Dublin City.

Cork: Cork City, Cork County.

Galway: Galway City, Galway County.

Kilkenny: Kilkenny City: Kilkenny County.

Waterford: Waterford City, Waterford County, Dungarvan.

Limerick: Limerick City, Limerick County.

Search & Search All: By using Search, the filter will be applied to the category already chosen. Search All will search throughout the entire judgment database, even if you have already selected a category.

You can further refine your search by chosing a category, ie Licenced Premises. Then enter a partial Appeal number, ie 08- (this will refine the search to Judgments contained in the category type which were appealed in 2008 only). Finally, select Year or County, ie, Cork City and press Search. 



Alternatively, for ease of reference, the Valuation Tribunal now list all appeals by the year the appeal was received.  you will need to know the reference number of the appeal to use this section.  Files here will be able to downloadable as a PDF copy.