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Call Over Lists


The call over system was introduced to cope with the unprecedented levels of appeals received by the Valuation Tribunal.  In the first instance all appeals must first come before the Call Over system before being allocated a hearing date and all parties to an appeal must appear in person when allocated a slot on the Call Over system.  

It should be noted that both parties to an appeal are required to attend the call over. Should an Appellant be unable to attend for any reason, they must contact the Tribunal offices in writing. Repeated non-attendance will result in the appeal being struck out from the Tribunal’s register of appeals.   

Note: If an agreement has been reached between the parties, the Tribunal must receive written confirmation from both parties before an appeal be removed from the call over list. Only then is it permissible for the Appellant not to attend the call over. Moreover, this will be confirmed in writing by the Tribunal if agreement has been received from both parties.

It is not acceptable to solely contact the relevant valuer in the Valuation Office regarding attendance or an agreement as the valuers themselves do not attend the call over at the Tribunal but do have representatives present. The Tribunal is a statutorily independent body from the Valuation Office and therefore acts entirely independently.  

There are two categories on the list, appeals which have appeared on previous Call Overs and newly listed appeals. Appeals from the previous Call Over will be mentioned first. Please note that the order in which the appeals appear below will be the order the appeals are called out by the Chairperson, ie those from a previous list will be heard before newly listed appeals; both will be in numerical order.


Call Over List to be held on Monday, 11th September, 2017 at 10am at the Offices of the Valuation Tribunal

Appeal No.  
From Previous Call Over New to Call Over
VA14/5/950 VA17/2/024
VA14/5/972 VA17/3/001
VA14/5/979 VA17/3/002
VA16/1/008 VA17/3/003
VA16/1/033 VA17/3/004
VA16/1/039 VA17/3/005
VA16/1/016 VA17/3/008
VA16/3/005 VA17/3/009
VA16/3/011 VA17/3/006
VA16/4/001 VA17/3/007
VA16/4/004 VA17/3/010
VA16/4/011 VA17/3/011
VA16/4/028 VA17/3/012
VA16/4/030 VA17/3/013
VA17/1/003 VA17/3/014
VA17/1/005 VA17/3/015
VA17/1/006 VA17/3/016
VA16/3/029  VA17/3/017
VA17/2/004 VA17/3/018